Introducing MH4U’s Tetsucabra, the Demon Frog

Jun 17, 2014
2014 Jun 17
Yuri Araujo

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate expands the monster class list with the addition of Amphibians . The first one you’ll encounter is the Tetsucabra! This monster uses its super strong jaws and tusks to pick up boulders and use them in very brutal ways…

On the offensive side, the Tetsucabra will carry a giant rock in its mouth, approach its prey and smash it, scattering rock fragments in a short blast radius, knocking the enemies away. And let’s not forget that strong hind legs let this monster jump really high, which makes it a real threat in MH4U ’s very vertical maps.


Another interesting use of boulders is when the Tetsucabra places an extra-large rock right in front of its face. This is particularly advantageous to it in the more enclosed zones of the Sunken Hollow . The boulder will act as a temporary shield, stopping your arrows, bullets and making your melee attacks will bounce back, interrupting your combos. This can leave you open just long enough for you to get charged down, so watch out!

Since we had this monster playable at E3 last week, you can catch gameplay of all this and some other shenanigans on our Twitch archives [ Day 1 ] [ Day 2 ] [ Nintendo ] [ Day 3 ].

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