MH4U Weapon Design Contest winner from Europe revealed!

Jul 02, 2014
2014 Jul 02
Yuri Araujo

At last, a winner of the  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Weapon Design contest is revealed! Behold the  Emperor’s Speech by Lin Setzekorn !

We wanted to do something special with this announcement (after all, these weapons will be IN THE GAME!) so here’s an epically cute video showing off the winner’s design:

And just for fun, we also made some GIFs that you can share all over the interwebs! You can find them on our Tumblr .

Let me just tell you that this was not an easy choice; there were sooooo many good entries. Anyways, excellent work Lin Setzekorn !

Stay tuned to our channels for a reveal of the winner from Americas in the next few weeks. =)