MH4U monster spotlight: Teostra, the Flame King Dragon

Jul 05, 2014
2014 Jul 05
Yuri Araujo

The majestic Teostra returns… and he’s more explosive than ever before!

The Teostra has always been a very powerful monster, and with his time away since Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, he has learned a number of new tricks that make him even more terrifying! Most of his old attacks and abilities remained the same: the really wide and far-reaching flamethrower attack is still one his main moves; and he is still surrounded by extreme heat most of the time – burning any who approach him!

However, his explosive attacks received a few tweaks based on a new mechanic introduced in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Previously, his main explosive attack was his area-of-effect move that spreads an explosive dust around him is largely the same. Now when he does his claw or tail swipes, he will also spread some dust that can catch onto you and explode seconds later, either on its own or when you get hit again. Yes, that is the same effect as Brachydios’ slime!

So just as little recap, the Teostra can: use flamethrower attacks, burn anyone in close proximity, spread devastating explosive dust, and afflict you with Blastblight (formerly known as Slimeblight). On top of all that, he also has a new super-nova style attack that will make short work of anyone caught off guard! Are you ready for this?

Early concept art of the Teostra

Well, here are some incentives to try and take this beast down, a look at his armor and some weapons:


Heavy Bowgun

It’s also worth noting all his weapons used to be Fire element, but are now mostly Blast (Slime)… but don’t worry, Brachydios is also back for MH4U , so now there’s a wider variety of explosive weapons.

Blademaster armor

Gunner armor

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Next Friday we’ll be talking about a new monkey-looking monster that takes full advantage of MH4U’ s terrain. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be released on the Nintendo 3DS early 2015.