Tigerstripe Zamtrios screenshots from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s latest event demo

Oct 04, 2014
2014 Oct 04
Yuri Araujo

Hey, you remember the Zamtrios , right? That’s the awesome new shark-looking monster in  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate . Anyways, just wanted to give you guys a heads-up that one of our quests in our event demos is to hunt its subspecies, the Tigerstripe Zamtrios!

I don’t wanna spoil too much of the this fight – since, you know, it’ll give you a clear advantage – but I will just say this: unlike the regular Zamtrios, this guy switches modes (skinny and blown-up) pretty much any time at will!

Oh, and paralysis balls are a thing!



If you’ve listened to this week’s Capcom Unity podcast you should know we’re headed to New York Comic Con, where you can try out this quest. But in the meantime, you can hear from European fans what they thought of the demo – video courtesy of my UK counterpart Jake: