Capcom TGS Live 2020 Schedule and Info

Sep 21, 2020
Sep 21
Kellen Haney

Tokyo Game Show (TGS), the premiere video game trade show of Japan, begins on September 23rd! Capcom will be there with info and updates on our upcoming games. Read on for where to watch live streams, and what to keep an eye out for at TGS.

Live Stream Schedule

Watch all the latest action and announcements from Capcom at Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online live with a special English-language stream on the CapcomUSA Twitch channel!

Date Time Content
Saturday, September 26th 5:00 AM Pacific Opening
Saturday, September 26th 5:10 AM Pacific Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Presentation
Saturday, September 26th 5:50 AM Pacific Monster Hunter Rise & Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Presentation
September 27th
5:00 AM Pacific Opening
September 27th
5:05 AM Pacific Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition Presentation
September 27th
5:40 AM Pacific Resident Evil Village Presentation

More info on what to expect at the show:

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition
YAHOO! Get ready for SFV at TGS with more details on the content coming with Season V! Want more info on Season V of SFV? Check out the SFV Summer Update including info on returning characters Dan, Rose, Oro, and newcomer from the Rival Schools games, Akira!

Monster Hunter Rise
An all-new entry in the Monster Hunter action RPG series is headed to Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. Monster Hunter Rise will put you in the shoes of a resident of the colorful Kamura Village, a serene hub that attracts visitors with its unique culture and technology, and will task you with preparing your defenses to take on an impending cataclysmic event known as the “Rampage.” But don’t worry; you’ll have handy new gameplay tricks to help with this assignment: the Wirebug and a rideable Canyne companion, Palamute! More info on those here.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin
Monster Hunter Stories and RPG fans, rejoice! This is the sequel you’ve been waiting for, coming to Nintendo Switch in summer 2021. Once more, you’ll be able to play as a Rider, with the ability to form special bonds with monsters, raising and training them to battle alongside you. Wings of Ruin will take you on an unforgettable adventure centered around a mysterious phenomenon causing Rathalos to migrate unexpectedly. Watch the game’s first trailer in our announcement blog post.

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition
Feel the POWER of Next-Gen! The ultimate version of 2019’s Action Game of the Year, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is coming at you fast and with plenty of style! Everyone’s favorite power-hungry Son of Sparda, Vergil, will be playable and various new features will be included that are only possible thanks to the power of Next-Gen consoles: Turbo Mode, Legendary Dark Knight Mode and Ray Tracing. Aaaaand… it’s launching digitally day 1 with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / Series S!

If this got you motivated, check out more info and details on Vergil DLC for current Devil May Cry 5 players in our announcement blog post.

Resident Evil Village
A direct sequel to the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 7 biohazard, and the eighth mainline entry in the Resident Evil series. Step into the frosty shoes of protagonist Ethan Winters as he explores a snow-covered village. Set after the events of RE7 and his terrifying encounters with the Baker family, Ethan’s quiet life with his wife Mia is shattered, leaving him in search of answers amid snow-covered peaks. You can read more about what to expect in Resident Evil Village with our announce blog, and catch up on the story so far with the 2nd trailer.

For all the latest Capcom news, be sure to follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels, and join our Discord server!

Two brand new Monster Hunter games coming to Nintendo Switch in 2021

Sep 17, 2020
Sep 17
Yuri Araujo

Today, at the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase September 2020, we had the honor of partnering up with Nintendo to announce two brand new Monster Hunter games coming to Nintendo Switch: Monster Hunter Rise coming March 26, 2021 and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin coming Summer 2021. Both of these games take place within the world of Monster Hunter and set out to offer you fresh gameplay and story experiences. Keep on reading to learn more.

Before we dive a bit deeper into what makes these games special, have you watched their trailers yet? You should; they’re pretty awesome!

Alright, now let’s talk Monster Hunter Rise.

Story and Setting

Monster Hunter Rise will put you in the shoes of a resident of the colorful Kamura Village, a serene hub that attracts visitors with its unique culture and technology. The surrounding areas (which, by the way, will be open maps without loading screens between zones) are home to a variety of exceptional monsters too. Naturally, these creatures match the themes of their habitats and will present new challenges to all hunters. Today, we revealed a few denizens of the Shrine Ruins: the menacing flagship monster Magnamalo, the graceful Aknosom, the heavy hitter Tetranadon and the Izuchi pack leader Great Izuchi. But rest assured, Monster Hunter Rise will feature a plethora of new and returning monsters. Your quest in Monster Hunter Rise starts with the discovery of evidence pointing to the impending return of a cataclysmic event known as the “Rampage.” Sharpen your hunting skills and upgrade your weapons to take this threat head on and save Kamura Village!

Dynamic Gameplay

With every Monster Hunter game, our team sets out to improve the gameplay systems and offer fresh takes on the hunting experience. This time, the focus is on dialing up the pacing of the hunt with more options for mobility.

  • Wirebug – this new addition to your hunting toolkit is a trusty form of Endemic Life that inhabits the areas neighboring Kamura Village. At virtually any moment, you can send your Wirebug a short distance away from you and zip straight to it or swing from it to quickly dash around, become airborne, wall-run up cliffs or to get out of harm’s way. And in some cases, you can even weave it into some weapon attacks!
  • Palamute – we’re all wagging our tails in excitement to welcome a brand new companion to the world of Monster Hunter… the Canyne Palamute! This trusty new pal will be joining the current hunting party formation (Hunter & Palico), bringing its own set of combat abilities and rounding out the team with an extra boost to mobility. Yep, you can ride your Palamute into battle, traversing the open areas faster than ever before!

The Monster Hunter Rise release date has been set for March 26, 2021, but you can already secure your copy starting today. Head over to the official website to find out more, including details on our pre-order bonuses, in addition Deluxe Edition and Collector’s Edition. We can’t wait to share more info on this game, so stay tuned!

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Monster Hunter Stories fans, rejoice! This is the sequel you’ve been waiting for. Once more, you’ll be able to play as a Rider, with the ability to form special bonds with monsters, raising and training them to battle alongside you. Wings of Ruin will take you on an unforgettable adventure centered around a mysterious phenomenon causing Rathalos to migrate unexpectedly… and that’s all we can say for now.

We’re still a bit far from release, so if you haven’t played the first game, now is a great chance to pick up Monster Hunter Stories (available on Nintendo 3DS, Android and iOS), and catch up on its charming world and story.

That’s about all the news we have for today. If you’re itching to see more Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, check out Monster Hunter Direct – 9.17.2020 for some additional insight on these games from Monster Hunter series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and Monster Hunter Rise director Yasunori Ichinose:

Monster Hunter Rise launches on Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021 and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin for Nintendo Switch is set for a Summer 2021 release window. Remember to follow the Monster Hunter channels on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the Capcom Discord Server to stay up to date on the latest news.

Time to get motivated! Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition launches digitally Day 1 on Next-Gen Systems

Sep 16, 2020
Sep 16
Yuri Araujo

Slice open the gates to the next generation of gaming in SSStyle with Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, featuring the highly-anticipated return of Vergil in playable form, Turbo Mode, Legendary Dark Knight and some special next-gen powered treats. Keep on reading to learn all about this ultimate version of 2019’s Action Game of the Year.

Vergil, the Dark Slayer

You’ve been asking for this, and while it wasn’t in the cards when we set out to launch Devil May Cry 5, as soon as development conversations started for DMC5 Special Edition, we knew it had to feature playable Vergil. And here he is.

I’m sure you’ll notice all sorts of neat tricks and additions to Vergil’s moveset from the trailer. I won’t spoil all the details today, but personally, I find all those clips very motivating

Quick side note: we’ll also be offering Vergil as paid DLC for Xbox One, PS4 and PC owners of DMC5. More details on that soon.

Special Edition Staples

Say, hypothetically, that playing as Vergil is not enough for you… to that I say “Foolishness!” but also “Fret not, we got you covered.” DMC5 Special Edition will also mark the return of beloved game modes Turbo Mode (20% gameplay speed increase!) and Legendary Dark Knight (copious amounts of enemies coming at you at once!). We’ll have more info on these very soon, so stay tuned.

Power of Next-Gen

In addition to Turbo Mode and Legendary Dark Knight, our team also took a look under the hood of the upcoming Next-Gen hardware to see what else they could squeeze into this game. DMC5 was already a really stylish-looking game, with its own take on photorealistic graphics thanks to the RE Engine. So with the jump to Next-Gen, the question came up as to how we could make it look better. The answer… was Ray Tracing! Instead of me trying to explain this, how about we see it in action? DMC5 Producer Matt Walker will be your guide in our Ray Tracing Overview Video and in this in-depth entry on the PlayStation Blog.

Ray Tracing OFF
Ray Tracing ON

Of course, we also have a couple of additional enhancements, albeit less flashy, such as increased framerates and reduced loading times. We’re hoping these will smooth out the experience even more for you.

As a quick recap: Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition will be launching digitally Day 1 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S. We’re also working on a physical version, launching at a later date, and will be offering Vergil as paid DLC for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Keep your eyes on the Devil May Cry channels on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the Capcom Discord Server, and stay motivated!

New Resident Evil Village trailer showcases Ethan’s struggle for survival

Sep 16, 2020
Sep 16
Kellen Haney

Making its debut at PlayStation 5 Showcase, a new trailer for Resident Evil Village has been released! Hit the jump to see what’s in store for Ethan as he explores a snow-covered village nestled among ice-capped mountains.

Prior to the events of Resident Evil Village, Ethan Winters received a mysterious email from Mia, his wife, who had been missing for a few years. Without the slightest hint of hesitation, Ethan made his way to Dulvey, Louisiana to search for Mia’s whereabouts… and was led straight to the mansion of the twisted Baker family as a result. Resident Evil 7 biohazard set the stage for a new generation of survival horror as seen directly through Ethan’s eyes, making the struggle for survival through a house of nightmares that much more personal. While Ethan and Mia were ultimately able to escape and create a new, peaceful life together, a new tragedy is about to unfold… one that will take a distraught Ethan to a mystifying village in search of answers to painful questions.

While the village itself may look pristine from all the freshly fallen snow, disturbing events are happening just out of sight. Flickering movements catch the corners of Ethan’s eyes, while strange shapes loom on the horizon. It’s among the dilapidated sheds and houses that he may find his answers… or he may find something far more sinister. Strange creatures, odd symbols, and an unusual fairy tale all come together with the power of the RE Engine in the latest trailer to make Resident Evil Village a true showcase of next-generation survival horror.

We’ll leave it to all of you to decipher some of the finer points of what we’ve shared so far, and invite you to check out our announcement blog for more details on the upcoming game. Resident Evil Village is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC in 2021.

Want to experience the events of Resident Evil 7 biohazard to get ready for Village? RE7 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with special franchise sales happening now (check the page for specific end dates). You can also take a trip to the Baker mansion via PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass, so now’s a great time to see what you’ve been missing in the lead-up to Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil 7 biohazard out now on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now

Sep 03, 2020
Sep 03
Kellen Haney

“Welcome to the family, son.”

This simple greeting – coupled with a knock-out punch from the patriarch of the Baker family – was many people’s first introduction to the world of Resident Evil 7 biohazard. With the survival horror masterpiece available now on Xbox Game Pass worldwide and PlayStation Now where available, it’s the perfect time to take a trip to Dulvey, Louisiana to experience the events that take place before Resident Evil Village, the upcoming eighth main entry in the storied franchise coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC in 2021.

View events through Ethan’s eyes from start to finish as he survives a house of horrors in search of his wife who mysteriously disappeared several years earlier. Face off against the twisted Baker family as you seek a way out. Fight your way through grotesque creatures as you try to survive long enough to see daybreak once again. Experience the survival horror masterpiece that takes Resident Evil back to the basics that define survival horror.

If you’ve got Xbox Game Pass, it’s easy to begin your journey to the Baker estate. All you have to do is navigate to the Game Pass app, then look for Resident Evil 7 biohazard on the list. That’s it! It’s way easier than escaping the Baker’s mansion.

For those of you who have PlayStation Now, surprise! It’s just as quick and painless – though your encounters with the Bakers will be anything but. Open the PlayStation Now app and find Resident Evil 7 biohazard, then start playing.

Good luck – you’re gonna need it if you want to survive the Baker’s house of horrors. If you see the Sewer Gators out there, tell them we’re looking for them. The upcoming Resident Evil Village will also be featured at TGS 2020, so stay tuned to Resident Evil social channels for all the latest, too.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Developer Diary: The Final Stand introduces the Legendary Black Dragon Fatalis and much more

Aug 28, 2020
Aug 28
Yuri Araujo

Hunters, your attention! The Legendary Black Dragon Fatalis is headed to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, arriving September 30 at 5pm PDT (October 1st UTC). This history-defining hunt is just over a month away, so here’s our latest Developer Diary with the full scoop on all the upcoming Iceborne content.

As producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said in the Developer Diary, this will be our last free Title Update, and I hope you can agree Fatalis is a fitting choice to close out the MH:World & Iceborne saga.

Personally, I have fond memories of loading up on Heavy Bowgun ammo and being completely terrified of Fatalis in the original Monster Hunter… then eventually hunting it again in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate with all the new mobility options, but still being utterly shocked in fear! Can’t wait to see how this new iteration will affect my heart rate.

And since we’re getting a bit nostalgic here… let me just express our (my and the MH team’s) deep gratitude to all of you who joined us for this journey filled with new ideas and unprecedented events.

Monster Hunter: World was the first game in the series to be released simultaneously worldwide, making substantial changes to the game while staying true to its roots. It was a remarkable feat, and I am very impressed that the team in Japan was able to make it happen. Iceborne was also a first of its kind, trading the traditional formula of the “G” / “Ultimate” versions for an expansion model that allowed players of both games to play with each other. And to top it all off, both games kept the good times rolling with lots of free post-launch content.

All that is to say, I’m really thankful that you came along with us, taking these bold and scary steps into an uncharted world. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you. So once again…

Thank you for playing!

See you on the hunt!

PS: remember to follow @MonsterHunter on Twitter & Facebook and @MonsterHunterGame on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest Monster Hunter news. See you on the hunt!

Street Fighter V Summer Update reveals new characters, stages and much more!

Aug 05, 2020
Aug 05

Hey there Fighters! We hope you are all staying safe out there, and we’d also like to thank you for all the support you’ve given to us with Street Fighter V over the past four years. Today, we are excited to reveal upcoming content for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition with the “Street Fighter V Summer Update!”

Join SFV Director Nakayama-san, SFV Producer Matsumoto-san, top-tier commentators Vicious and Tasty Steve, and All Elite Wrestling’s Kenny Omega as they deliver some exciting news!

We know you’ve all been waiting for info on new Street Fighter V content, so let’s dive into the main course for today: new characters!

Dan, Rose, Oro, and Akira

Four fan-favorite characters are joining Season V of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition! For a more detailed overview of each character, check out this PlayStation Blog entry. There’s even some exclusive gameplay footage of Dan in early development stage.

  • Dan Hibiki – The Master of Saikyo Style returns with his unique fighting style and trademark Taunts! He also comes equipped with several new moves up his sleeves. Dan is scheduled for a release in Winter of 2020!
  • Rose – Were you able to read the future? Fan favorite Rose brings her Soul Power to Street Fighter V: Champion Edition! In the Summer Update video, the team mentioned they knew that Soul Satellite was a popular move for her. Will her future involve bringing that move back? Rose and her new stage are scheduled to release in Spring 2021!
  • Oro – Back from Street Fighter III, Oro will bring his unorthodox playstyle and unique attacks to SFV. He’s also bringing a new turtle friend with him… will it affect his gameplay? You’ll find out soon enough. Oro is scheduled to join the cast in Summer of 2021!
  • Akira Kazama – Hailing from Rival Schools, Akira makes her Street Fighter debut in SFV.We’re planning to bring along some of her style and gimmicks from Rival Schools, while still fitting in SFV. Akira and her new stage are scheduled for Summer of 2021!
  • ???? – You may also remember we previously said there would be five characters for Season V… but we’re not quite ready to announce our fifth yet. Stay tuned for info on that later on!

As a quick recap, here is our latest development roadmap:


Street Fighter League – Season 3

What’s Street Fighter V without a little competition? We’re excited to announce that Street Fighter League will be expanding to a global scale in its third season, bringing the best of the best from around the world to compete! Check out the trailer below!

Street Fighter x All Elite Wrestling

It’s the matchup of the century: SF x AEW! With the help of our friend Kenny Omega and All Elite Wrestling, we’ve collaborated with NERDS Clothing to bring you these awesome t-shirts featuring Dan vs. Kenny and Team SF vs. Team AEW! Get them for $37.99 here.

And that’s a wrap! We hope you are as excited as we are for the upcoming characters and content. Stay safe, and keep fighting!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Title Update 4 brings Alatreon and much more!

Jul 09, 2020
Jul 09
Yuri Araujo

Title Update 4 is available now and marks the return of Alatreon, the Blazing Black Dragon, in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. This legendary Elder Dragon’s appearance is sure to challenge even the most seasoned Hunters… but it’s not all we have in store for this update. Summer is heating up with a lively seasonal event, and a new Variant has been discovered: Frostfang Barioth!

Alatreon, the Symbol of Destruction

Unlike any other monster known to the Guild, Alatreon has the unique ability to switch its elemental attributes at will! These elemental states—Fire Active, Ice Active, Dragon Active—will change Alatreon’s elemental attack powers as well as its weaknesses, so you’ll have to strategize your equipment loadouts with your teammates if you hope to survive this hunt.

Speaking of survival… keep an eye out for Alatreon’s newly developed move: “Escaton Judgement.” Again, come prepared with elemental damage if you wish to stand a chance against this devastating new move.

Naturally, equipment forged from Alatreon parts will properly reflect the Elder Dragon’s elemental-focused nature, with a brand new Set Bonus skill that will raise your elemental attack power as you raise your elemental defenses.

NOTE: Before you can face the Special Assignment to hunt Alatreon, you must be MR 24 or higher and have completed at least the Safi’jiiva Recon Assignment.

Summer Seasonal Event – Sizzling Spice Fest

While you challenge the extremely powerful Alatreon, the Research Commission will be making preparations to celebrate the summer with a new seasonal event… the Sizzling Spice Fest!

The theme this time is a bit wild, so expect to see lots of feathers, monster-themed gear and assorted meat dishes! This lively event will bring us new Event Quests, a refreshed take on the Snowman and various items to craft and collect: Armor Sets, Layered Armor, Weapon Pendants, Palico Gear, a Poogie Outfit and more!

Sizzling Spice Fest will run from July 22 through August 6 UTC.

The Chilling Frostfang Barioth

A new Variant of Barioth has been discovered, and the Guild has named it Frostfang Barioth. This rugged flying wyvern has roamed and survived the most extreme conditions, and has developed powerful means of controlling the ice around it. Its breath attacks are now strong enough to freeze the ground and afflict Hunters with the Frostbind status.

Those that emerge victorious will be able to craft new Frostfang Barioth equipment, with a unique Set Bonus skill pairing. Equipping one armor piece will grant you the skill “Punishing Draw,” which boosts your attack power and gives Stun damage properties to draw attacks. And equipping three armor pieces will activate the “Slugger Secret,” which allows you to take the Slugger armor skill up to level 5 (Stun power +60%)!

Frostfang Barioth will be roaming the Hoarfrost Reach for a limited time via the Event Quest “The Last White Knight,” which will debut from August 7 through August 19 (UTC). All Hunters MR 24 or higher are called upon to take on this new Variant.

Elder Melder Guiding Alchemy

With this latest update, the Elder Melder has cooked up another quality of life improvement for your experiences in the Guiding Lands. Looking to optimize your equipment augments, but having a tough time finding the monsters that fit your needs? Now you can bring in other monsters’ parts and craft Special Tracks that will let you lure out the monster you want. Whenever you’re ready to get started, just head over to the Elder Melder and select the new Guiding Alchemy option.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Title Update 4 is available now. For a full list of version update notes, please visit our update page.

Stay safe & happy hunting!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Title Update 4 release date set for July 9th

Jun 30, 2020
Jun 30

Prepare yourselves, hunters: Title Update 4 finally has a release date! To celebrate the occasion, we’ve got a spicy teaser trailer to show you:

That ending was pretty chilling, right? Alatreon is just the tip of the iceberg for what we have in store in Title Update 4, and we’ll be taking a deep dive of our upcoming free content update this Friday, July 3rd, on our Monster Hunter channels:

Another important update for all diligent hunters out there: Event Quests in Iceborne will be returning to their normal rotation, starting on July 8th. So take on those quests whilst they’re still active!

The Event Quest schedule on our website will also be updated soon, on July 3rd, so you can check it out on, and in game by visiting the Notice Board in the Gathering Hub to plan your hunting accordingly.

We’d like to thank you once again for your continued support and patience whilst we navigate the obstacles created by coronavirus (COVID-19). From all the development team at Capcom – happy hunting and stay safe!

Dive in to even more Capcom soundtracks on Steam – Resident Evil 2, Ace Attorney, Breath of Fire, and more!

Jun 25, 2020
Jun 25
Kellen Haney

Back in February, we brought nearly two dozen stand-alone soundtracks for Capcom games to Steam, including unique releases such as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Turnabout Tunes. But we were just getting started, and as the summer heat rises, we’re heating things up with thirteen additional soundtracks. No game purchase is required, either. In fact, many of these are stand-alone soundtracks making their debut on Steam without an associated game for the first time!

Check out all of Capcom’s soundtracks on Steam HERE, and read on for more info on what’s just been added!

First up, breathe new life into your music collection with Breath of Fire! That’s right, individual soundtracks for Breath of Fire and four of its sequels (BoF II, BoF III, BoF IV, and BoF Dragon Quarter) invite you into the music of a fantasy world like no other, filled with a colorful cast of characters and tunes to match.

Maybe you prefer your monster slaying to be a little more action-focused with tunes to match? We’ve got you covered with soundtracks for Monster Hunter 3 (Tri), MH 4, and MH Generations. All three are perfect for going out to gather groceries: Honey, herbs, blue mushrooms, and, of course, eggs.

There won’t be silence in the courtroom this time around – as if all the finger pointing and OBJECTIONs weren’t enough, you can re-create the trademark chaos in the courtroom of Ace Attorney with soundtracks for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Justice for All, and Trials and Tribulations! Every track sounds just Wright.

Longing for the sights and sounds of Raccoon City? 2019’s Resident Evil 2 soundtrack is full of haunting melodies and relaxing tunes that will transport you back to the city of the dead. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the calming sound of that wonderful safe room music… at least, until the Tyrant’s theme starts playing.

Looking to cool off after all that excitement? Take a refreshing dip into the great unknown seas with the unique sounds of Shinsekai: Into the Depths. With audio recorded underwater to ensure an authentic sound to match the game, you’re in for an unforgettable audio experience.

UPDATE, June 30th: we’ve just added an additional album, Shinsekai: Into the Depths Hidden Tracks. Check it out in our curated list.

These thirteen new soundtracks join our existing soundtracks on Steam, which also include soundtracks for Mega Man, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, and lots more! All Capcom soundtracks on Steam are provided in a variety of formats including MP3, AAC and FLAC, giving you the option of flexible file sizes or top-quality fidelity. Several of these soundtracks are also available on other services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon. Please note that these soundtracks are not indicative of a game releasing on Steam.

Get over to our curated list of Capcom Original Soundtracks on Steam and buy some of your favorite soundtracks – and find some new favorites while you’re there!