Aug 12, 2008
2008 Aug 12

Hey all – I recently joined (4 months ago) Capcom’s Marketing team as the Senior Product Marketing Manager on Street Fighter IV, so my life is consumed with all things having to do with this awesome franchise (yah, my life sucks). 

Before I go on about this “big surprise” John D. mentioned….A bit of self deprecation.  I’m an avid gamer (I lined up quarters for SFII and it’s sequels) – I promise that I’m no marketing schmuck.  I started as a tester for Sega (poor Sega Saturn!) and then Sony, finally ending up in marketing (8 years worth).  So I like to think I know something about gaming and marketing (but I probably don’t).

Anyway, what’s the surprise?  The surprise isn’t that SFIV is on it’s way (duh!)…and that it looks and plays sooo good. I went to the secret Fight Club in LA, Comic-con in SD and recently, the Sneaker Pimps concert in LA….at every event, you guys just blow me away by the SF fan-love!  Hundreds/thousands of you lined up to play at Comic-con and attend the panel – it was crazy to hear the cheering! 

So is this surprise about SFIV?  No – sorry to disappoint.  BUT it is about Street Fighter as we promised. 

This Thursday, on the PLAYSTATION Network, we are releasing a new PSone Classics game for download….STREET FIGHTER ALPHA.

Hopefully you guys remember how awesome the Alpha (“Zero” for your die-hards) series was — new art style, animation, gameplay additions (2P vs. M.Bison!) – it truly is one of the best lines in the SF franchise.  So get some of your SF fix with this classic!

Take a look at the intro clip…it should bring back lots of memories (check out the Title screen voice over – good stuff).  







 Well that’s it for now – I’ll be bringing more SF goodness to you guys….maybe next time it will be SFIV stuff.