The Characters of Asura’s Wrath – Part 3

Oct 04, 2011
2011 Oct 04

Imagine you lost your wife, your daughter, your friends, and your home all in one devastating swoop. Then, in an effort to exact revenge on those who landed you in this grim predicament, you ended up losing all your arms as well. Wouldn’t you  start headbutting people? I know I would.

Asura’s Wrath’s  titular character is an angry dude who has suffered nonstop misfortune and a constantly fluctuating number of arms. Check out this bio, which I snagged from a dating site. 

Bio: The main character of ASURA’S WRATH. A Demigod who was once one of the Eight Guardian Generals of Shinkoku Trastium, Asura was betrayed and killed by his seven comrades. They framed him for the murder of Emperor Strada, killed his wife, and took his daughter away from him. Full of rage and a desire for revenge, he comes back to life with his wrath as his only weapon. But the object of his wrath is not only revenge, but also the suffering of their world, Gaea. When his anger escalates, his Mantra activates and transforms him into a godly six-armed warrior.