Wii Virtual Console Update: Strider

Feb 16, 2012
2012 Feb 16

Wherein Mr. Strider travels to Kazakh and cuts the Little Green Men until they explode. 

Everybody loves Strider. You. Me. This guy. We alllll  love Strider. That’s why it’s with great joy that I announce that as of today, you can buy Sega Genesis classic title Strider  off the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console for 800 Wii Points. 

If you’re a Hiryu fan from his appearances in the Marvel vs. Capcom series but missed out on his origin piece, then this is a must-play! For starters though, check out this classy Game Overview:

The year is 2048. The Striders, ninja-like agents and the last defenders of justice on Earth, are the only hope to stop Grandmaster Meio from ruling the world. Hiryu, the youngest Strider to achieve Class A ranking, embarks on a mission to assassinate the evil Grandmaster with his plasma sword, called a Cypher. Guide Hiryu as he jumps, slides and hangs throughout the Eastern European nation of Kazafu in a battle to find the evil dictator.

This hit action Mega Drive game will transport you back to 1990 with all the action you’ve come to expect:
– Power-ups increase Hiryu’s attack range and help him gain extra lives throughout each level by defeating enemies.
– Summon help from robotic allies to help you fight enemies.
– Explore five levels: The nation of Kazafu, the Siberian Wilderness, the Aerial Battleship Ballog, the Amazonian Jungle and the Third Moon (the Grandmaster’s Lair).