Making a Scene – Scenario Writing in Dragon’s Dogma

Mar 22, 2012
2012 Mar 22

::Time for another Dragon’s Dogma dev blog.  This one comes from scenario and text-writer Murata-san.::

Hello. I am the guy in charge of all the scenario and text content for Dragon’s Dogma, Murata.


One day, it was decided that I would be a part of this team and I got to play a prototype version of the game.  It was a simple adventure that had you explore a cave with your party and fight a cyclops at the end. At that moment I knew we had something–high fantasy combined with the high responsitvity and exhilaration of Capcom action. I felt and embraced a new-found passion for this new feeling of play.

I wanted to help in making this new, fantastic game and making it bigger. It was decided that I would help out with the plot scenario. In particular, I was put in charge of constructing quests and the conversations that the characters in the game have. As my own personal stance, I think that the user makes the game, so I interpreted my task as to create a game scenario with an attractive, naturally-reacting setting and situations. In addition, I felt that it was important to provide an accessible, attractive environment since this was to be an open-ended game.


The game is a “me-only experience”. Being someone that is not passive is the largest “choice”. 
In Dragon’s Dogma, there are several areas to make big and small choices (you may not even realize you made a choice at some points). The player progresses through the story like the movement of a bow. The biggest choice you can make in this game is a very difficult one. The big climax in the latter half of the game pivots on the player’s actions up until that point (how they spent their time, what decisions they made), and forces him or her to think about how to live on. When you get there, you don’t just feel the flow of a predetermined story, you savor the idea that someone will experience this decision.

Who is the most interesting character?

All of the heroine characters that have a place in the main cast have something interesting about them. However, while I cannot say too much as it will be a spoiler, I personally feel a sense of affinity to the “random characters” whose speech and attitude change depending on the main character’s behavior and the success/failure of quests. There are persistently selfish people, and there are people that do brave things for those they love, each one of these think about how they would react to the same situation in that world. This means that even if your performance goes well, there is the chance that you may not be rewarded (some people are unreasonable). The lovable fool, the stubborn one, the unrewarded one… I am looking forward to seeing them in the game. I think that even just that little vulgarity shows that there is a human-side.

Is there an affect on the story depending on the main character’s gender?

There is no direct affect on the main scenario based on the difference in gender.
You are given the role of the “Arisen”, and you can freely choose to behave in one way or another, and I never thought about adding any kind of differences to this based on gender. But regarding a few specifics, there are some different ways a quest develops or is solved based on gender. There is a little something to be gained for both the guys and the girls.

Is there anyone in the game that you feel attached to?

Personally, I like Madeleine, and not just because she is sexy.
She is wildy free and will does things that will stab you in the back. And so, you can never relax around her and are stuck feeling “I like it now, but I worry now”. For me, a trusty and virtuous partner is good in the real world, but in the world of adventure I would someone like Madeleine to take me places I never imagined.  I could see myself looking just fine next to her.


In a wold ruled by swords and magic, you fight giant beasts and dragons. This is the perfect game and a realization of my boyhood dreams. The classic, high-fantasy theme and motif, the pawns, the role of the dragon, and the game designed around it all, plus all the little details determined by the player’s style. This is an experience that only Dragon’s Dogma can provide. I am thrilled beyond belief to be involved with such an ambitious title. I cannot wait for you all to try out this new experience.