Mega Man Remix Album is Stunningly Great

Dec 14, 2009
2009 Dec 14

UPDATE 2: Mainfinger (the person who wrote the original artical on MMN) has asked for permission to mirror the files which can now be found here

Generally, when you think about Mega Man fan-made music, it’s usually a pretty high energy affair . However, artist ilp0 has done a wonderful and amazing thing in that he recently released a fairly mellow and brilliant Mega Man 1 soundtrack remix. The Mega Man Network discovered this jewel when they were sifting through OverClocked ReMix’s 10 year celebration and discovered ilp0’s ” Cutman’s Lullaby ” as one of 10 newly released tracks revealed for the occasion.

I have to say, this has got to be one of my personal favorite remixes for the Blue Bomber and it’s definitely worth a listen (if anything, check out the sublime Cutman’s Lullaby from the link above). You can check out the entire album for free here .

After having yourself a listen, come back and let us know what you think in the comments.