Create Lyrics for the Dark Void Theme and Win the Amazing Soundtrack, Signed by Bear McCreary

Mar 18, 2010
2010 Mar 18

Dark Void has received near universal praise for its incredible soundtrack by Bear McCreary (of Battlestar Galactica and Caprica fame) and we wanted to spread the awesome music from the game as much as possible, so we’ve come up with a little contest here on Capcom Unity.

We got a bunch of signed Dark Void soundtracks (by Bear McCreary) to give away and we got a really cool way for you to win them.

Here’s what you got to do: Listen to either the regular Dark Void theme or the 8-bit version and write out lyrics to match the music. You can be as silly or as serious as you want.

Need inspiration?

Don’t forget, you can purchase Dark Void’s soundtrack on iTunes and head over to Sumthing Digital to download the Dark Void Zero’s 8bit soundtrack.

To submit: You can either create and upload a youtube video of you singing the lyrics, or write out the lyrics and send them to me, jgonzo , via private message. Please put “Dark Void Lyrics” in the subject of your message so that I can identify it.

This contest ends March 31st at 11:59PM PDT!

Finally, you can check out Dark Void for yourself for the special price of $29.99 at your nearest retailer!