These Mega Man 10 Cover Songs Will Rock Your Robotic Socks Off

Apr 14, 2010
2010 Apr 14

Capcom Unity member Torzelan is a pretty talented guy, as evidenced by these two covers of Mega Man 10 songs! The first one, above, is a cover of Strike Man’s stage song, Fireball Strike!

The second one (posted after the break) is a cover version of the already amazing Boss theme.  From Torzelan’s forum post :

I’m “just a dude, in an apartment, making noise” and took a couple of hours this weekend to listen through the Mega Man 10 soundtrack, and it’s sweet! Decided to try my hand at covering a couple of them; did Fireball Strike (Strike Man’s stage) yesterday/today (ehrm, it was around midnight heh) and the Boss Fight track the day before (Saturday).

Took the liberty of cutting out the “funny sports music” part of Fireball Strike since… I dunno. It obviously fits the stage/boss thematically but seems really out of place with the other (amazing) part of the track. Just wanted to explain why it’s not there. 🙂

He also has an additional Juri’s theme cover that you can also find posted after the break! Huzzah for covers and remixes!! Awesome job, Torzelan!