Mega Ran Teases Us With Yet Another Mega Man 10 Song!

May 02, 2010
2010 May 02

Mega Ran (aka Random) has, once again , teased us with a brand new Mega Man 10 inspired track of awesomeness that he calls Sick!!! You can check it out by playing it above and you can head over here to download the track officially !

Also, I’d like to point out that Random will be performing live on May 5th at 11PM at the Viper Room in Los Angeles. More details on that here .

Good job, Mega Ran! Lyrics can be found after the break! Thanks for the heads up Curleh !


This song samples the theme from “Go Together” Mega Man 10 by Inti Creates lyrics

i’m under the influence of

something worse than influenza

got all the symptoms, sore throat achy joints, clammy hands

dry cough, fever, somebody call the ambulance

i’m up all night, tossin like a dryer load

sweatin like im at a club that violated fire code

crypto sporid-e-o-sis

these days im too debilitated to focus

hope this, blows over expeditiously

its attacking me viciously

i got people to save, but nobody can save me

hope it aint scabies or rabies, or maybe

its encephalytus, malaria

whatever it is its Robot city in a state of mass – panic

hysteria – vacate the area,

i did hear that adult chicken pox can bury ya

picture me bedidden just cuz im feelin rotten

thats a quick way for a hero to be forgotten

whoever was plottin, this scam was ingenious

imma need walgreens rite aid and cvs

could it be age related

running, jumping and evading for years, reflexes fadin

shortness of of breath, my chest is

infected, maybe its just this dust or asbestos



i need a doctor

i need a doctor

i need a doctor right

cant stop the fight now

i gotta fight now


Hypo-chondriac trying to rap

Wit a heating pad Under my cap

I’m online reading some home remedy book, can’t believe a little virus is gettin me shook

Coughing, aching stuffy head fever

Protoman callin me a diva

Till I blew chunks on his suit, that made a believer, out of em, lot of em, infected as we are

Me and roll checked in the ER, doc says

We are, unable to help you

All out the vaccine take a number

Roll gets 99, I get a hundred

So much bad luck it’s makin me wonder

I gotta find wily and see what he’s up ta

Rush ta the jet, heading to his structure

I pains me say it but I need his help,

Rolls getting worse, I can take care of myself, but that’s family


i need a doctor

i need a doctor

i need a doctor right

cant stop the fight now

i gotta fight now


Things turn strange when I visit the doctor

Not only was he not involved, he had a box of the vaccine tucked away in a safe place said he would give it to us,

If we could lay waste

To the robot masters gone wild

Cuz they been wreaking havoc for a while

This whole thing was perplexing cuz just last year he had light on trial

Now I’m supposed to trust you man

He said “I know it’s difficult to understand”

But times running out,” on everything I cherish i can’t let roll perish so I gotta grin and bear it

And I strap on the helmet, call me a doubting thomas but can I believe him cuz he promised

But I do it anyway disgusted

Deep down believin DR Wily can’t be trusted

but man….