Mega Man Zero Collection Art Contest: Week Four Winner & Entries!

Jun 10, 2010
2010 Jun 10

Update: The previous blog post was acting up, so I’ve reposted this. All your comments have been reset, unfortunately.

This week was tough for us judges and we only agreed on a few pieces: the top three that you will see here. You’ll see how our tastes differ and why sometimes we just don’t agree with each other, but that’s part of the fun!

The one piece that won most of us over, however, was winner Wave with his (or her) amazing Zero and Ciel piece that you see above. The raw emotion of the image and what it represents proved to be a winner…in our hearts (awwww).

Feel free to discuss all art here . Additionally, don’t forget about the teaser for the next art contest here .

To all the previous winners , please contact me once again with your name and shipping address so I can send out the art book and your copy of MMZC!

Bastion: This is quite possibly my favorite piece out of everything that I have seen over the last few weeks. There is a quote that was used to discuss a well-known commercial painter’s work several years ago; the reviewer said that the painter had the ability to catch his subjects “between heartbeats”. That is what I think when I look at this entry: Excellent.  

Snow: The color and pose of the characters makes it my favorite this week.

jgonzo: This piece really gets to me. The raw emotion that emanates from it is incredible, and when I first saw it, I felt an immediate deep sadness. Congratulations Wave, you’ve truly captured the feeling of losing a legend forever.

Hit the jump to see 2nd and 3rd place, along with all the other amazing entries! Great job to everyone!

2nd Place:


s-kill: The video is just alive with possibilities.  I’m a sucker for off-the-beaten-path entries, but I was truly impressed with the craft and technical detail of the piece.  I’d love to see it really come alive and become more animated. 

jgonzo: This piece is incredible! As s-kill noted, I’d love to see it more animated, but it’s still quite an accomplishment! It’s amazing how much time and effort you fans put into these contests!

3rd Place:


s-kill: I really love this piece, and only the choice about the focus kept this out of my very favorites.  Maybe I’m too bourgeoisie, but I wish it had taken a more conventional route and was centered—the art is really beautiful, but over a third of the piece is taken up with comparatively less exciting grass and it gave me a strong urge to nudge the “camera” up a few degrees and take another shot.  Very promising. 

jgonzo: This is a quiet piece and the style works really well with what is being portrayed. I wish that the grass didn’t take up so much, but it’s still a strong piece with a strong tone.

Honorable Mentions:

Rafa Hi-Bard 009

Bastion: A very dramatic and powerful image and the use of painterly techniques mixed with the more comic/anime style of the characters is strong.



Bastion: This entry has extremely clean line work and a dynamic feel to the pose and the way the character is cut off by the borders. The colors are strong and I could easily see this as slick desktop wallpaper. Well done



Bastion: What can I say, it’s really cute and sometimes cute is good.


Not Another Zero Fan

s-kill: beautiful use of the colors here, all woven together into a lovely composition.  The soft shading and light fits the emotional impact perfectly. 


Anomalous Insect

s-kill: the intensity here grabbed me.  For fun, I cropped out most of the empty space on the side, and felt it got even stronger.  You can really feel the maniacal energy come through in the grip and crazy smile. 


Zero Blayd

s-kill: <3 mixed-media—is that a silver sharpie in the upper right-hand corner? The watercolors, posing, and flat affect really give this a plaintive melancholy. Surprisingly impactful.



Snow: I love monochromatic art, and this piece is an amazing example.



snow: The comic book/action style is really cool.

jgonzo: advent-axl gets the most improved award in my book 🙂



jgonzo: I’m a sucker for emotion and the beautiful image along with the text really worked for me.

Here are the rest of the great entries! Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to go into as much detail with the comments as I would have liked. If you want to speak with me directly for more comments, feel free to drop me a line in the forum thread or send me a PM!



jgonzo: very dramatic.


jgonzo: This is pretty epic!



jgonzo: good use of sprites!



jgonzo: This image is action packed!



jgonzo: Simple, yet effective.


Eddy San X

jgonzo: Good tribute to Zero 4’s ending.



jgonzo: Awesome! I love all the colors being used here.



jgonzo: Nice, unfortunately, the deviantart stamp kind of ruins the mood a bit.



jgonzo: Beautiful 🙂



jgonzo: Very good use of colors! This looks like it can be straight out of an animated feature!



jgonzo: Very cool.



jgonzo: Not sure why, but I really enjoyed Nguyen’s piece last week a lot more. Perhaps it was the previous layout. This piece is also quite good, it just doesn’t have the same impact.



jgonzo: Thank you, R.Case, for showcasing the other characters that are in Mega Man Zero 4 🙂 Again, this looks like it’s straight out of an animated show.


Rock Miyabi

jgonzo: hahahaha. This is hilarious!



jgonzo: Very cute!



jgonzo: Awesome concept!



jgonzo: pixel art is always cool to look at! Good job, Travis!

And finally, ZX0 wrote the excellent fan fiction and Zero series prequel, Mega Man Retrospect, which you can read here . It’s a very cool story that tries to fill in the gaps between Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero.