2002 Resident Evil one of IGN’s top horror titles

Aug 25, 2014
2014 Aug 25
Minish Capcom

If the recent announcement of Resident Evil coming to new platforms next year got you in the mood for even  more  survival horror, our pals at IGN have assembled a list of their 10 favorite games in the genre. Naturally the ’02 Resident Evil REmake is on the list, but fans of conserving ammo and avoiding enemies should take a look at the full article.

Unsurprisingly, they double dip with Resident Evil and put RE2 on the list as well. Whaddya think of that – are REmake and RE2 the scariest / moodiest entries in the series? And c’mon, I wouldn’t call RE2’s voice acting “terrible,” it’s more like a challenging wine that gets better with age 😛

Also happy to see the first Condemned on there!