ABC News 10 Picks Top 10 Capcom Franchises

Aug 31, 2009
2009 Aug 31

We’re used to hearing about people’s top 10 Capcom franchises and/or games and we actually never get tired of hearing what everyone has to say. What DOES surprise us is when a top ten list comes from a rather unexpected outlet. Sacramento’s ABC News 10 has weighed in on their own top 10 Capcom franchises list, which you can find after the break. While we wholly approve of this list (props for including Ducktales!), it’s only fair to turn right back around and include our top 10 ABC News 10 stories, which can also be found after the break.

via ABC News 10

ABC News 10 Top Ten Capcom Franchises

10. Onimusha

9. Ghouls ‘N’ Ghosts

8. Ducktales

7. Monster Hunter

6. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

5. Devil May Cry

4. Resident Evil

3. Street Fighter

2. Mega Man

1. Capcom VS.

Capcom Top Ten ABC News 10 Stories

10. Cars Plus Bumps Equal Electricity?

9. Sacramento’s “Pak-Ten” Brings the Smooth Sounds

8. California Wins Little League World Series

7. Check Your Numbers: Did You Win Friday’s $333M Jackpot?

6. State Nets $1.6M in Weekend Garage Sale

5. Atlanta: The City Too Busy to Spellcheck?

4. Red Hawk Casino Reopened After Power Outage

3. Shuttle Gets Once Over; Hernandez “Tweets” From Space

2. Monica’s Fun State Fair Events for Friday, August 28th

1. Poplollys Play the Park