Big Boys Toys T.N.C. 03 Chun-Li pre-orders kick off

Jan 21, 2016
2016 Jan 21
Kellen Haney

Hyakuretsukyaku! Though it’s gone by many names over the years (I called it “Lightning Legs” as a kid), Chun-Li has always been known for her speed and her powerful kicks, represented best in her signature move. Big Boys Toys has made the iconic World Warrior into the newest challenger in their “T.N.C.” line – which has showcased Ryu and Ken in the past – and now adds Chun-Li to the roster. Pre-orders are available at Play-Asia’s Street Fighter T.N.C. 03: Chun-Li store page right now for $89.99 (USD), with expected shipping in February! Hit the jump for more info, including a video of the figure’s light-up features.

If you aren’t able to check out the video above (or if you just really like text descriptions), this Chun-Li figure is battery powered, and the energy from her kicks light up in succession when you press the button on the base. Sure, you can press it once to light up a single kick, but you can hold the button – or mash it out 1991 style – to light up each kick in rapid succession, bringing the hyakuretsukyaku to life! You don’t want to kick yourself for missing this one, so head on over to the order page and get your pre-order in while there’s still time!