Cap Bar: The World’s Greatest (and only) Capcom themed Bar and Restaurant

Oct 09, 2012
2012 Oct 09

Eating Licker Brains, Cha Cha Parfaits, Unspeakable Meats, and several other culinary delights with a Capcom spin.

See what you’ve been missing, America! Actually, Capcom fans from every nation other than Japan should probably get ready to seethe jealously. While at TGS Brett, Greg and myself dropped by Cap Bar , the kickass bar and restaurant 100% skinned in Capcomery that opened earlier this year , and Holy Lord, it was an incredible affair!

Not only is every inch of the joint riddled with Capcom merch, art, and signed rarities, every single thing on the menu is an ultra-specific reference to a beloved game. From Dhalsim Yoga Flambé to an edible RE2 Tofu Mode, fans may now consume and digest numerous glorious delectable nods to Capcom history.

Ace Attorney Onion Rings (with a yummy gavel!)

One of the more striking things about the place, and this may just be the ugly American in me showing, is that the joint is fairly high class. We had a tendency to drool, point, and disappear into fits of giggly, geeky hysteria, but then the dishes came laid out in a manner akin to that of an upscale restaurant (albeit with amazing presentations acted out by the staff.)

Look for the sign

Honestly, it’s a bit difficult for a Capcom fan to keep his or her composure, but hey, don’t take our word for it. Should you ever find yourself in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district, there’s no better way to treat yourself than with a trip to Cap Bar .

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