Capcom April Fools’ 2019 Roundup

Apr 01, 2019
2019 Apr 01
Yuri Araujo

It’s that time of year again, when you can’t believe  anything you read on the internet… okay, this time even more so than your average day: April 1st!

This year, our teams in Japan took some time to go all out on some pretty elaborate and surprising activities. They’re not so much about deceiving you, but just having a fun time with our games.

You may have noticed these going live around 24 hours ago, so if you noticed any of these popping up on March 31st, just remember this for next year: Japan Standard Time is roughly 13 to 16 hours ahead of US time zones.

Street Fighter: World President Challenges a Shooting Game

In a classic throwback mini-game, but also a very fitting tie-in with the anime  Hi Score Girl , you get to play a  1942 style shoot ’em up as G, President of the World.

If this description and the header image of this blog sounded and looked appealing to you, check it out here:

Resident Evil: Zombies Wanted

Okay, so contrary to what the website will tell you, we’re not  actually running out of zombies in the game… that’s not how video games work. That said, the main stat shown up front is a real number! Since launch,  Resident Evil 2 players have killed over 770 million zombies! 😮

Anyways, check out the application page here, and make sure to apply and share your results: I got the Stunt Zombie job.…

Devil May Cry: Playable Empusa

The Trickster gang in the Devil May Cry team got together and tried to pull this fast one on us… I’ll just leave you with the Tweet + video here so you can watch for yourself; just make sure to stick around till the end for the non-joke portion.…

I kinda really want to play DMC5 as an empusa now……. T_T

Anyways, that’s all we had in store for this year. Have fun!