Capcom Promotes Dark Void At Expense of Universe

Oct 20, 2009
2009 Oct 20

Apparently, there is no limit to what we can give away in promotions in regards to Dark Void. While we recently announced our Tesla Roadster giveaway , according to this website, we’re just getting started.

Coming up in our promotional plans:

Capcom’s follow up promotions include a complete genome sequencing worth three million dollars, an experimental gyrocopter powered by dandelion oil (.5 million), a luxury Boeing 757 complete with hot tub and Imax theater ( million), Dick Cheney’s back-up end-of-the-world ranch in an undisclosed Montana location ( million) and the world’s first and only fully operational flying super hero combat suit by Rimco Industries—priceless. Besides the top prize tier, Capcom is giving away thousands of Mega Man chia pets and one million Resident Evil zombie protection helmets.

Unfortunately, it turns out those helmets may have a downside:

The Z.P. Helmets aren’t tested,” Vascom admitted. “It’s hard enough to find real zombies—at least outside of D.C.—and once you do have some zombies, I’ve got to tell you, getting test volunteers is a real [pain]. We tried to test the helmets by putting them on some turkeys, but it seems that zombies don’t really hunger for turkey brains.”

I’d still take them.

via The Imaginary Game News Network