Capcom Unity at Toronto’s Fan Expo

Aug 31, 2009
2009 Aug 31

Capcom Unity member TriCEVEN was lucky enough to attend this past weekend’s Fan Expo in Toronto, Canada and even got the chance to meet with Ono-san at the Udon/Capcom panel!

“I showed up at the line about 30 minutes early to make sure I got in. When it was time, I managed to get front row seats at the panel. It was really great and Ono-san is a really cool. He always had a smile on his face and he was really happy to see all the fans that came out. He made some funny jokes about things in the series and what not.”

He also met several fans who were in full Capcom costumes, including Chun-Li up there. You can check out his full post on his blog , which includes more info and pictures, including his actual meeting with Ono-San (though the pics are a bit blurry).

Thanks for sharing, TriCEVEN !