Capcom Vancouver Goes Social

Apr 04, 2016
2016 Apr 04
Jeffery Simspon

We see you, glancing at us wondering why in 2016 we decided it was finally time to tell you that we have a Twitter account. There’s cats that have Twitter accounts these days, so why are we so proud of having one?  

We’ve actually being sharing what’s been going on inside the studio for years now, we just wanted to make sure everyone knew all the options in the “Follow Capcom Vancouver” free buffet that is the internet.  

  You can connect with us on:  

  • Facebook : for regular updates on jobs, studio life and Capcom projects
  • LinkedIn : for details about our open jobs and how you can become part of the team
  • Twitter : where we talk to fans of our games and provide a look behind the curtain here at one of Vancouver’s biggest game studios
  • Instagram : our newest social network will offer a behind the scenes visual look at what we’re doing both in Vancouver and around the globe
  • YouTube : for our game trailers and other longer form videos

 We really believe that our fans are a big part of what makes our games special and we’re excited to have so many venues to connect with you. There are cool things happening inside the studio and we’re growing to work on some great projects.    

We’re glad to have you with us on this ride.¹      

  ¹ Your cat can come too, as long as it follows us on Twitter.