Check out these fantastic Monster Hunter pumpkin carvings

Nov 06, 2014
2014 Nov 06
Yuri Araujo

Over this past Halloween weekend, we received a number of pumpkin carving submissions through our  Monster Hunter Facebook page, and even though we’re already in November, I wanted to highlight how cool these turned out to be:

The pumpkin above is probably the most iconic out of the bunch, depicting the classic smiling Felyne face. It was carved by Justin D.

This next one isn’t exactly a pumpkin carving, but it’s still very very  cool, made by Manuel A:

Get it? Barioth… Cool…

Here’s another great and simple carving: Cha Cha by Grant C.

And my favorite, just because it hits so many right notes for a hardcore  MH  fan, such as myself:

It’s a Mosgharl helmet! In the game, this would require a rare item called  Bumblepumpkin to craft; and the artist here, Wildartist83 , used an actual pumpkin to make this. Fantastic! =)

So yeah, I know this is a few days after Halloween, but I hope you enjoyed these pumpkin carvings.

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