Classic Capcom covers beautifully remastered in Clipart and Comic Sans

Apr 24, 2013
2013 Apr 24

Thanks to a bunch of public domain art and an infamous font, anyone can be an artist! 

Forgive me if this is old news, but my face has been stuck in emails and Monster Hunter for the better part of the month. That aside, we had to throw a “Grape Job” sticker to the wonderfully creative miscreants over at NeoGAF.  They’ve got a thread over there championing users to remake classic game covers using only horrendous, freely available clipart and Comic Sans font. The results are nothing shot of gutbusting, and you’d better believe a couple of Capcom titles made it in there.

Clipartist: Cuburt

The entire thread has had Unity nearly in tears all morning, and it inspired me to make one derezzed abomination of my own: DUCKTALES !

Clipartist: ME !

There are a ton of other box art demakes in the NeoGAF thread (including a fantastic RE6 mock up I dare not post here) so I heartily encourage you to head over there and check ‘em out . Better still, you could make your own Capcom clipart masterpiece and post it in the comments below! Either way, here’s somer more Capcomery.

C liparist: TheBig753

Clipartist: papercamm

C lipartist: AGITO[mega]

C lipartist: DecoyOctopus

Clipartist: Diggeh

Clipartist: seda

Clipartist: akidnamededdy

Clipartist: TheBig753