Darkstalker Resurrection DLC

Mar 22, 2013
2013 Mar 22

If you’re an arcade child like myself or someone who is a fan of that era and are looking to resurrect that arcade feel, you’ll be pleased to hear about the upcoming Darkstalkers Resurrection DLC being released on PSN and XBL this Tuesday March 26th, (early Wednesday for XBL). Continue below to find out more.


There are two different DLC offerings available; one for the arcade cabinet and one for the room the cabinet sits in. The cabinet artwork provides you with the new HD art exclusive to DSR of your favorite character draped on all sides of the cabinet; much like how they looked at arcades, well actually, this looks better than what I used to see at the arcade. These pieces of art are available at $0.99 on PSN and for 80 MSP on XBL per character. Be sure to notice how the color of the cabinet changes to match the themes of the character.

Arcade Cabinet Front View

Arcade Cabinet Side Shots

 There was something about walking into an arcade and seeing my favorite game amongst the sea of many that always put me in a good mood. It always let me feel like I had a place there, next to my favorite game of course. Luckily that feeling is recreated with the room themes which show the cabinet (with HD art) in either an arcade or in a study room (as it can’t be all work and no play).  These two themes are available at $1.99 each on PSN or for 160 MSP through XBL.

(Beloved) Arcade Theme

Study Room Theme

So go and grab the artwork on your favorite character or grab them all! It’s a fun way to spruce up the cabinet and its location, especially if you used to play on them like myself!