Darkstalkers Resurrection Patch Live Today

Jul 12, 2013
2013 Jul 12

Filling in for ComboFiend again, it’s time for another blog from Producer Tomoaki Ayano!


Greetings fellow humans! Tomoaki Ayano here!

The annual rainy season in Japan is finally over! And two weeks earlier than usual, no less. But now it’s so hot and muggy, you could literally suffocate in this heat! Everyone please be sure to drink plenty of fluids and keep hydrated! I know it’s easy to lose track of yourself while playing fighting games, but heat stroke can affect you while indoors as well. Be careful!

Anyway, the long-awaited patch for Darkstalkers Resurrection will go online today, July 12 th (Japan Standard Time)! I’d like to use today’s blog to talk about part of what will be fixed in the patch.

– After being matched up with another player online, if a player doesn’t indicate they’re ready to start playing after 30 seconds they’ll be automatically kicked out of the lobby.

This is to help make things move a little more smoothly if a player falls asleep at the controls or leaves their seat for awhile. A player who has been kicked from the session will be returned to the title screen.

– A chime will sound upon successfully finding an opponent. This will let you go do other things while waiting to be matched up with another player.


– The stage select option before a match will default to random. Even if you’re just mashing on the confirm button to get into the fight as soon as possible, you’ll still be able to enjoy playing on different stages.

– The tips displayed at the bottom of the screen have been randomized. Before they always started with Jon Talbain’s mom.

– CPU difficulty settings have been added to Training Mode. Just like arcade mode you will be able to set the difficulty level of your CPU opponent.

The following is a list of bug fixes.

– The startup frames for Huitzil’s guard cancel moves have been fixed.

– The knockdown properties of Huitzil’s jump medium punch have been fixed so that the opponent is downed from where they stood.

– You can perform a normal move on the second frame of Huitzil’s air dash – Huitzil will attack while rapidly descending.

– The problem where the Start button color could not be selected has been fixed.

For more details on the patch please see the Darkstalkers Resurrection official home page (Japanese only).

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading!