EGM interviews Seth Killian, 4000-word conversation ensues

Sep 28, 2011
2011 Sep 28
Minish Capcom

This month’s Tokyo Game Show produced no small number of interviews regarding Ultimate MvC3 and Street Fighter X Tekken, so for a thorough discussion on the fighting game scene as a whole, check out EGM’s recent interview with our own Seth Killian. They talk accessibility, the future of the fighting genre and how 2D sprites can coexist with 3D models…

Regarding that last point, about 2D sprites vs 3D models, I think Seth sums up the benefits of the latter quite well:

“Back in the 2D sprite days, we had to cheat sometimes. It’s like, okay, if this guy’s on fire, everybody’s going to have the same flaming body, and we’re going to reuse the animation. Or Guile’s spinning overhead kick will just be the same frames as his low-forward kick flipped upside down. You had to cheat a lot, and they did a great job at it, but you had things like that. Or Sagat’s eyepatch will switch eyes depending on which way he’s facing, because it’s just flipping the sprite. We don’t have to cheat anymore, so I think it’s given us a lot more flexibility, yet I think the care and precision you saw historically in Capcom 2D fighting games is still there with the 3D models. It’s just a 3D model versus a 2D sprite, which is how I think we’ve not had to lose any of that audience.”

For the full interview, head over to EGM