Frank’s Files: Frank West

Aug 18, 2016
2016 Aug 18
Jeffery Simspon

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Dead Rising franchise , and the release of Dead Rising , Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record on PS4, Xbox one and Steam we are taking a look at some of the characters who play a major role in the early games in the Dead Rising series with “Frank’s Files”.

Today we begin with Frank West himself.

  • Name: Frank West
  • Job: Photojournalist
  • First Appearance: Dead Rising (2006)
  • Appears In : Dead Rising (2006), Dead Rising 2: Case West (2010), Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (2011), Dead Rising 3: Super Ultra Dead Rising 3′ Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + α (2014), Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars (2010), Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3  (2011), Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (2007), Lost Planet 2 (2010), Project X Zone (2012), Dead Rising 4 (2016)
  • Abilities: Frank West has good instincts, both for a story as well as how to operate in most situations. Physically strong he is capable of taking care of himself in a fight and while he claims to have never shot a gun at another person before, he is handy with a fire arm. Most of all Frank is able to use almost anything as a weapon against an onrushing zombie, no matter how outlandish and unlikely.

Not much is known about Frank West’s life before he arrives in Willamette Colorado looking for the “scoop of a lifetime”. He admits to having covered wars as a journalist, though he’s not specific about which ones. What is clear is that West works freelance, doing whatever it takes to get to the bottom of the story in hopes of reaching not only the truth but fame and money when he sells the truth to the highest bidder.

Hiring a helicopter and pilot Frank flies beyond a military blockade to Willamette Colorado, believing that something is going on in the small town. There he finds America’s first zombie outbreak and a handful of survivors that have barricaded themselves in the local shopping mall.

Now working with Jessica McCarney, Brad Garrison and Otis Washington, Frank is trying to help those who have survived while uncovering a government conspiracy and dealing with more than just the zombie menace. Frank must manage to uncover the truth behind the outbreak, stop the zombie infection from spreading.

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