From A to Z, here’s every monster revealed for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne so far

Aug 29, 2019
2019 Aug 29
Yuri Araujo

We’re nearly there, hunters; the final stretch! We just dropped a “shocking” new trailer, our final Beta goes live tomorrow and the game launches in just a week, so this is as good a time as ever to look back and take a full count of every new, returning fan-favorite, Elder Dragon, subspecies, and variant monster we’ve revealed (thus far) for Iceborne.

Just a quick note, we’re only counting the monsters we’ve officially revealed as additions to Iceborne , so this list will not include the vast selection already available in the Monster Hunter: World base game. Alright, let’s get started:

Acidic Glavenus

The regular Glavenus species is getting a revamp for Iceborne , but we also wanted to expand on that concept and try new things. Instead of a fiery Great Sword-like tail, Acidic Glavenus will bring a sulphur coated Long Sword-like tailpiece to the fight.

. . .


This was the first new monster we revealed for Iceborne, setting the frosty tone for the massive expansion. Its unique environmental interactions and gameplay ushers us into the new Hoarfrost Reach ecosystem.

. . .


The fan favorite tusked wyvern returns with its signature wall-clinging tricks, all-new attacks, and a revised rhythm to its movements.

. . .


Another monster that made its debut in the first trailer for Iceborne, Beotodus will be ready to welcome you into Master Rank with speedy surprise attacks, Iceblight, and more! Exciting!

. . .


Okay, this fight is a blast. Literally. With the power to create explosions everywhere and new properties for its slime attacks, Brachydios will make you question its spot on your favorites list. (Pretty sure it’ll still stay near the top though).

. . .

Coral Pukei-Pukei

This one is another great example of our designers expanding upon a monster’s original concept with a new take. The Coral Pukei-Pukei subspecies spits water instead of Poison… and uses its tongue in a very interesting way to complement that. Let me know what you think when you spot it.

. . .

Ebony Odogaron

This Odogaron subspecies is quite terrifying. Not only does it start fights in a powered-up state, it carries around meat to regain strength and is charged with Dragon elemental that can take away your weapon’s elemental or status properties. Beware of Ebony Odogaron!

. . .

Fulgur Anjanath

Anjanath was the very first monster we showed publicly for Monster Hunter: World—also how fitting that its name starts with “A”—so this one has a special place in MH history. Fulgur Anjanath takes the core concept and gives it a shocking twist: electric charged snot! You are not ready for this.

.  . .


We already covered Glavenus in the Acidic Glavenus portion, but this brute still deserves a lot of attention and respect. Don’t underestimate this monster thinking it’ll be like its previous iterations… anyways, watch out for more burning sources other than its giant tail.

. . .


This new Elder Dragon stormed in as a teaser on our previous trailer , and quickly flooded the internet with excitement and excellent fan art. Our newest trailer shows a liiiiittle bit more gameplay, but we’re largely saving this one for the game’s release so… have fun!

. . .


One more fan favorite former flagship monster returns to the fray! Nargacuga won our hearts with a faster combat rhythm, awesome gear and a killer music track back in 2009. Now, 10 years later, we’re ready to fall in love again… and fall in battle to those deadly tail slams!

. . .

Nightshade Paolumu

Did you ever wish you could snuggle up to Paolumu’s big furry neck and just doze off? Well, now you can! I mean, you will… even if you didn’t want to! And instead of a comfy furry spot, you’ll meet the hard end of its tail. Wow, this went from “dreamy” to “nightmarish” rather fast… and that’s Nightshade Paolumu for ya.

. . .

Shrieking Legiana

So far, we’ve seen and talked about a number of subspecies, but Shrieking Legiana is actually catalogued as a “variant” of the Legiana we already know. This variant is much more in tune with its ice element, so get ready for some extra frosty attacks.

. . .


Part of what makes Monster Hunter monsters so special is that each of them seem to have their own personality. Some are graceful, some are more guarded, others are tranquil until you pick a fight, etc. Tigrex, however, is pure rampage… all the time! Hunting one is a true test of endurance and survival. There’s nothing quite like it.

. . .

Velkhana – the flagship monster of Iceborne

Much is still unknown about this mythical Elder Dragon, but what we do know is that it can command the ice element in impressive ways and its roar sounds like… singing…? I really can’t wait for you to discover all about this majestic being, along with the mysteries behind the story of Iceborne.

. . .

Viper Tobi-Kadachi

The regular Tobi-Kadachi was the first monster in World to threaten hunters with Thunderblight, challenging us to be more aware of receiving repeated attacks and the consequences that follow. The Viper Tobi-Kadachi is here to dial that concept up to 11, pressuring you with 2 different status ailments: Poison and Paralysis!

. . .

Yian Garuga

Everyone’s favorite short-tempered purple bird wyvern is back! Actually, I hear it’s not technically “everyone’s favorite” but… look, it’s got all the makings of one: a rugged but stylish design, badass soundtrack, a memorable roar and an attitude! What’s not to love?

. . .


Ah, Zinogre… took you long enough to make your way to the New World, huh? Well, glad you could make it, bud. And I’m sure a lot of folks out there will agree. I already wrote a bunch about Zinogre on the latest PlayStation Blog , so I’m actually going to leave you with that. =]

. . .

That’s it for the new and returning monsters we’ve revealed (thus far) for Iceborne . In hindsight, I wish I had made a list like this for World so we could add them together and see the full breadth of content in the game but—actually, why not? Here’s Monster Hunter: World from A to Z “short ver.”:

Anjanath – Azure Rathalos – Barroth – Bazelgeuse – (Behemoth) – Black Diablos – Deviljho – Diablos – Dodogama – Great Girros – Great Jagras – Jyuratodus – Kirin – Kulu-Ya-Ku – Kushala Daora – Kulve Taroth – Lavasioth – Legiana – (Leshen) – Lunastra – Nergigante – Odogaron – Paolumu – Pink Rathian – Pukei-Pukei – Radobaan – Rathalos – Rathian – Teostra – Tobi-Kadachi – Tzitzi-Ya-Ku – Uragaan – Vaal Hazak – Xeno’jiiva – Zorah Magdaros

That’s quite the list! Personally, I’m pretty happy both lists have monsters starting with “A” and “Z” but I’m particularly excited to see Yian Garuga again, hunt it and craft all its gear. Which monster are you most excited to hunt and craft gear from in Iceborne?

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne launches on PS4 and Xbox One on September 6, and on PC in January 2020. Happy Hunting!