Get 20 percent off Capcom goods at Zazzle this weekend

Nov 21, 2011
2011 Nov 21
Minish Capcom

The Capcom section of Zazzle has recently added Street Fighter, Mega Man and Ace Attorney goodies to its bustling list of merchandise. That means Godot mugs, Dr Light T-shirts and all kinds of other awesome stuff slathered with well-known (and obscure!) Capcom characters. Plus we’ve got a nice li’l coupon code if you’re shopping this weekend…

It wouldn’t be Black Friday without a sale, so to that end Zazzle offeres the Promo Code CAPCOMRULE20 for weekend shoppers. Simply enter the code at checkout from 11/25 through 11/28 and you’ll shave 20% off the price of goods bought from the Capcom store. I’ve got my eye on tha Blanka iPhone case…

Links to the game specific areas of the store:

Street Fighter

Ace Attorney

Mega Man

Rival Schools

Monster Hunter

Power Stone

Capcom Classic Arcade

Also, the Street Fighter store will see new, exclusive items this Christmas season, and additional brand stores will open in 2012.