Great People Around Town – Eccentric Clients

Nov 14, 2014
2014 Nov 14
Janet Hsu

A lawyer isn’t a lawyer without clients to defend, and this week’s GPAT is dedicated to those wacky people that keep the lights (barely) on at the Wright & Co. Law Offices. And they ARE wacky — every last one… but you don’t have to take my word for it.


“Great People Around Town” – the morning news show segment that brings you special on-the-spot interviews with the people in your neighborhood!

Host: We’ve spoken with prosecutors, legal aids, and defense attorneys on these special “Legal Edition!” segments, so it only makes sense to focus on a few of Mr. Phoenix Wright’s former clients today, starting with his very first one. Here with me now is Mr. Harry Butz–

Host: Oh, sorry! Our sources must’ve gotten their facts wrong… again. *sigh*

Host: “Nick and Edgey”?

Larry: Yeah, Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth! They’re my bros! We go way back to elementary school. But don’t ever ask them to be your wingmen because they’ll steal all the cute chicks for themselves.

Host: Is that a fact?

Larry: I don’t know how they do it, I tell you! But it’s not fair!

Host: I take it you have problems with women?

Larry: Dude, ALL of my problems are with women! Like, that one time Nick had to bail me out in court ‘cause they said I killed Cindy.

Host: Um, we may have to edit that last line out…

Larry: And don’t even get me started on Bennifer! But chasing her all the way to Tibet was one of the best things to happen to me, ‘cause that’s where I met Katty Tom.

Host: R-Right. You seem to have a lot of time on your hands to follow people to Tibet! How do you manage to hold down a job?

Host: I see… Well, everyone goes through that at one point or another. I’m sure you’ll find your true calling in life someday.

Host: Uh… And that’s about all the time we have here. Thank you again, Mr. Butz!



Host: We’ve received a hot tip that famed magician Maximillian Galactica, who is currently contracted with the Berry Big Circus, has been arrested for the murder of the circus’s much-beloved ringmaster, Russell Berry. We here at GPAT would like to thank the Prosecutor’s Office and the Detention Center for granting us special permission for this interview.

Oh, here comes Max now…

Max: FABULOUS! What a fabulous television crew we’ve got assembled here!

Host: That was a rather dramatic entrance… And where’d that cape and hat evaporate to?

Host: Um, okay… I’ll take… this one…

Host: That’s amazing! How did you– I mean, ahem. I was wondering if you might speak on camera about your trial tomorrow.

Host: “Porcupine-headed”…? You don’t mean Phoenix Wright, do you?

Max: FABULOUS! You should look into a career in mind-reading! Not that our circus needs any other acts. After all, we all know it’s me the crowds are coming to see.

Host: Yes, well, they say you’re a very good magician.

Max: Of course I am, sweetie!

Host: …Is it possible to be too good for your own good?

Max: Sorry, but that’s simply not possible.

Host: Well, I wish you the best of luck at tomorrow’s trial.

Max: The world’s greatest magician doesn’t need luck to be fabulous, and tomorrow will be FABULOUS!



Host: We’re here at the FABULOUS– I mean, the very serious trial of Maximillian Galactica. How will today’s trial go? We’ll know in a matter of hours–

Host: Why, yes, I am.

Maggey: I knew it! I love your “Legal Edition!” segments, pal! I’m something of a court buff, actually!

Host: Oh? So you’re not just here on duty?

Maggey: Oh, no! I used to come all the time to watch Mr. Wright, but he’s even more amazing to watch now that I’ve seen him in action first-hand.

Host: Wait, what do you mean by that?

Maggey: I was on trial for the murder of a fellow officer…

Host: Speaking of names, I’m afraid I didn’t catch yours…

Maggey: I’m Maggey Byrde, officer of the law and Phoenix Wright fan!

Host: Yes, I had gathered that last bit…

Host: Th-Thanks…? 



Host: Somehow, we managed to meet not one, but three of Phoenix Wright’s clients. Unfortunately, we can’t stick around for the verdict, but stay tuned to this station for updates throughout the day. Until next episode, don’t forget to be “Great People Around Town”!


One of the staples of the series is the eclectic bunch of people Phoenix has to defend. I wish I could introduce them all, but then, what’s the point of playing the games, right?

Next week, I’ll be taking a look at issues in localization, both in general and as it relates to the Ace Attorney series. It’s a topic near and dear to me as it’s what I spend 8+ hours a day doing and 9 long years thinking in depth about, so I hope you’ll join me next time for a (hopefully) thought-provoking entry.

Until then!

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