Guile’s Theme Goes With Everything Meme hits the big leagues

Jan 03, 2014
2014 Jan 03

Just when you think you’ve seen everything “Guile’s Theme” can go with, here’s a new way to experience the phenomenon: LIVE during a hockey brawl!

Things have been a little quiet on the “Guile’s Theme Goes with Everything” front, mostly because it’s a reality we’ve all learned to accept as law. But lo, here’s a one way I’ve never seen it done before.

Fight starts almost immediately, Guile’s jam kicks in at about 0:35

During an NHL game last night between the Blue Pants and Green Jerseys (apologies, my hockey knowledge only goes as far as Blades of Steel) a fight erupted for between two dudes, and some heroic sound dude cued up Guile’s immortal serenade live to the delight of an entire arena full of fans of thirsty blood.

And if it wasn’t already clear, I’m not much of a sports guy so I apologize if this is a thing that happens constantly because it’s very new to me. Oh, and since I’m equally ignorant in the field of understanding French, I also have no idea what the fight was over. I can only assume it was over who has the most sportsmanship, but feel free to clarify in the comments.