Happy Halloween from Capcom

Oct 31, 2011
2011 Oct 31

Happy Halloween, Unity! 

Here at the Capcom office, we celebrated with a costume pageant luncheon. All departments united in glorious costumed glory, stood in a line and were heckled one-by-one. Then we put their costumes to a series of votes, selecting those that were particularly scary, cute, or lame.


John and Lu went as father and daughter from “Toddlers & Tiaras.” Lu managed to bag the Scariest Costume award. Pretty cynical crowd we’ve got here.

And speaking of cynical, is that who I think it is? Why, yes, it’s. . . 

Cynical and gruff-talking cyber sleuth Adam Jensen, as portrayed by Capcom’s Neo Deus (Ex). 

And hey, look! He even got the crazy glasses! I’m not one to withhold praise where praise is due, but somehow he bagged the Cutest Costume award. . . . 

Some of the folks from Creative Services and Customer Support had the revelation that the Ninja Turtles’ heads look just like human noses. Next thing you know, VOILA:

Teenaged Mutant Nostril Turtles. . . or somethin’ like that. Very creative indeed!

Some of the fellas from Marketing got decked out in horns. They’re either rabid  Ico  fans or members of the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo. Or something else I’m not familiar with. 

This jester of death found an unlikely buddy in the living! And check out those dreds.

We had a whole crew of Dalmatians who, according to Cruella, “weren’t even worth killing for a fur coat.” Phew, tough crowd.

We also held a pumpkin pageant! Just look at some of these killer carvings.

Spyborgs! I mean, Spygourds!

Asura’s Wrath! More like Asura’s Rad-th! 

And look, it’s that horrible, horrible clown from Dead Rising 2 Off the Record. Somebody chainsaw him good.

Here we have Capcom’s most famous property of all, the Wicked Witch of the West! (Note: Not actually a Capcom property.)

Some very Halloweenish pumpkins.

Frank West! You can’t really tell in this photo, but the flash of his camera was carved extra deep to let more light through, simulating a “flash” effect. Amazing!

And who’s this tick-lookin’ dude?! Oh, man, it’s more Asura! I love that guy!

Welp, that about wraps it up for this year’s Halloween party. Happy Halloween, everybody! Have fun and be safe!