Hey, Unity: Lend us your opinion on this here T-shirt

Feb 29, 2012
2012 Feb 29

(Big thanks to Capcom’s own Neo Deus of Official Captivate Orange fame for being my model.)

We recently had some of the above “Mad Salty” tees made to celebrate the impending release of Street Fighter x Tekken. It’s the perfect attire for those of you who are mad salty, and thanks to the catchy “Stay Free” slogan on the back, it’s also great for those of you who believe in stayin’ free.

But before we go and print five billion more of these things, we wanna know what you think of ’em! Would you be interested in obtaining a shirt like this for yourself or for a loved/salty one? Or does the very thought of this shirt repel you in disgust? Let us know with the very obtrusive poll above.

If you’ve got comments on the shirt, such as, “I’d buy this thing if it was any color other than pink,” let us hear those as well in the comments section of this post. Thx!