#HowDoYouHunt contest: win a life-size replica of YOUR favorite MH4U weapon

Jul 10, 2015
2015 Jul 10
Yuri Araujo

Contest entry period is over! Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner in the coming days. Thanks to all those who participated! =)

UPDATE: Good news! Due to the number of entries submitted in the last day and requests for more time, we are extending the deadline to 11:59pm (Pacific Time) of August 6th; right before the August DLC pack goes live. =)

If you’ve already submitted your entry, nothing changes; you don’t have to resubmit it. This is a way to give more people a chance to enter.

Remember those awesome life-size weapon replicas we took around to events to be used as photo-ops? Didn’t you wish you could just take one of them home? But wouldn’t be even better if we made a replica of YOUR favorite weapon? Enter the #HowDoYouHunt contest and you may win just that!

That’s right: the winner of the #HowDoYouHunt contest will receive a life-size replica based on the in-game models of their favorite weapon from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate! By now you must be thinking “How can I enter?” or “Shut up and take my entry!” It’s actually pretty simple; here’s how you do it:

The main entry must be a video, less than 60 seconds, of yourself talking about your favorite weapon in MH4U – please be specific here; we’re asking about your absolute favorite weapon, not just the weapon type; so entries that just talk about the Lance are too general and won’t qualify. Also, make sure your entry talks about a weapon that is an original Monster Hunter creation (i.e. not from any collaboration DLC).

Then upload said video to YouTube or Instagram and share it on Twitter with the hash tag #HowDoYouHunt , and you’re good to go!

The video itself could be anything, so feel free to get creative. You can shoot it in cosplay, write a song, perform sock puppet theatre, or just get in front of a camera and speak from your heart. After all, it’s your favorite weapon you’re talking about, right? Ultimately, we want to hear why you chose that weapon as your favorite. And it’s also important that YOU’RE the one doing the talking.

The only thing I wanted to ask of you was to pass the proverbial torch along to your fellow hunters at the end of the video, saying “how about you? How do YOU hunt?”

Now I know you’re eager to submit your entry, but please take a moment to read the full contest rules . You have until July 31st, so good luck!