“I Am Pudding”

Aug 13, 2009
2009 Aug 13

The year was 2000.  The place, Tokyo Game Show .  Of course we had a bunch of awesome games on display, but if that wasn’t enough for show goers, we also had a little ace up our sleeve:  free pudding. 

So yes, Capcom was giving out free pudding, but not just ANY free pudding–it was free *Servbot* pudding.  If you’re a grumpy guy and that piece of raw awesomeness wasn’t enough for you, I dare you to resist the following slogan which is printed on the box (must be said in the Servbot voice):

I am pudding.

Anybody who eats me

will be happy. 

Try me please!

Pure poetry, people.  I’m picking up a jello snak-pak at lunch today.

Thanks Protodude !