JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Overview Part III: Character profile wrap up

Aug 20, 2012
2012 Aug 20
Yuri Araujo


This is it! The third and last entry covering the upcoming JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD Ver.! (Click the following links if you’ve missed the part I and/or part II )

Dio Brando actually developed his own Active Stand The World. One of the strongest characters in the game, Dio’s play-style may seem a lot like Jotaro’s. However, he has a number of tricks of his own. As special moves he has a teleport attack called Die and a fast, full screen projectile attack Stingy Eyes. Also, Dio’s Bloody Summoning shows us how to deliver a manga art inspired super move by being the best looking super in the game, in my opinion. Other than that, two words: Road Roller! Enough said.


Iced has a very powerful Active Stand called Cream . Iced is definitely a weird character to play as; his movement speed alternates depending on whether his Stand is on or off. Add that to the fact that his normal moves are almost entirely exclusive to having the Stand on or off, and it feels like you’re playing two different characters at once. His most useful tools are his Dark Space, which you can switch direction in the follow up, and his Devastation , which is also an attack with a very wide hitbox.


D’Bo wields an Active Stand called Ebony Devil. Like Iced, D’Bo too feels like playing two characters at once. The main difference is that Iced keeps switching its form while D’Bo has the two characters on the screen at all times! This is not necessarily great news since D’Bo remains vulnerable as long as you control his Stand and even when you perform some special moves like his Dummy Hunter and the Dummy Cutter .


Alessy ’s Weapon Stand Sethan is a shadow-like Stand that has the power to make his enemies younger. To my surprise, this actually works in the game! While his Stand is off, he is not as menacing, but as soon as that reddish shadow shows up, things get tricky. He can actually jump and have Sethan attack you from below. Some of his signature moves are the Target Mark, which he can aim and shoot, and the Shrink Wrap, which does the aforementioned trick of turning his opponents younger for short period of time.


Jean Pierre Polnareff wields an Active Stand called Silver Chariot. Much like Jotaro, he can queue Silver Chariot with a special move (Shooting Star) and relocate himself for a dangerous setup. He is also one of the few characters who can Stand Release and attack remotely with his Stand.

Young Joseph

Young Joseph is the only character in the game that does not have a Stand. But that does not put him at a disadvantage. He certainly has a handful of good options: his Slide Kick is great for getting closer to opponents while his Special Move 1 and Special Move 2 are very useful to counter enemy attacks. The heavy version of his Iron Bow Gun is especially useful since it travels across the background and hits the enemy from behind, making Young Joseph quite a pain to deal with.

Robber Soul

While Robber Soul might look to be just a Kakyoin clone, his Passive Stand, called Yellow Temperance, makes his gameplay quite different from Kakyoin’s. He brings unique moves to the table, like his Invincible (counters any physical attack) and the Super Combo 1 .

Hol Horse & Boingo

With Boingo in his team, Hol Horse has access to the Super Combo 2, which is an excellent unblockable delayed super – meaning you can activate it and pressure your opponent with an unblockable setup. After that, if your opponent still blocks all your attacks and directable Emperor shots, you can use his grab Super Combo 3, although this one requires you get up close.

New Kakyoin

New Kakyoin also wields the Hierophant Green. His normal moves have very different hitboxes when his Stand is on, and his Mystic Cloak is now unblockable – and since you can only do while your Stand is off, it leaves you free to attack the trapped opponent and set up some insane combos!


Kan is yet another wielder of the Anubis Sword Stand. While Kan has very few moves, he can make very good use of them. Anubis this time is also a Passive Stand, so you don’t need to worry about getting Stand Crushed. Kan comes across as a simple but well-balanced character. He has an uppercut (Famous Strike) and a charge dash attack (Quick Strike) as well as Anubis’ signature Forget Me Not .

Shadow Dio

Shadow Dio is a really Dio Brando, but his face is not visible and his Stand, The World, is played as a Passive Stand, though his offensive game remains very strong. In addition, he gains access to Excess Knives move and the Finishing Move 3, which teleports him behind an enemy when attacked – perfect for starting comebacks!

That’s all folks! I hope these overviews got you interested and excited about JoJo. I’m personally really excited about this game and I can’t wait to start playing online!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD Ver. comes out this week on August 21 st on PSN ($19.99) and on August 22 nd on XBLA (1600 Microsoft Points).