Last-Minute MH3 Live Stream 3-4pm PST

Jul 30, 2012
2012 Jul 30
Yuri Araujo

Edit: The stream is over… check the recorded version here !

Hello Capcom-Unity!

Today I’d like to kick off our first Official Capcom Monster Hunter Live Stream, not counting all the other streams we used to do lol!
I don’t think that’ll be the official name, but let’s roll with it for today.

Hunters of all levels are welcome! It doesn’t matter if you’ve played 1000 hours, or haven’t even started yet. We’ll be focusing on some of the beginning parts of the online hunting life (fun and tough times) and you can  even win some really cool prizes!

See logistics and details below:

The location will be the usual 4/40 Capcom-Unity spot:

Open Server 4

City Gate 40

We’ll be there from 3pm until 4pm PST

Look for Hunter D (that’s GregaMan).

What I want to do is have Greg actually play for the most part and have you all help us out with tips and tricks on the chat… his hunter is still at a low Hunter Rank, so there will be room for anybody to join us. And if you haven’t Monster Hunter yet, it’s a great start since we’ll be showing the fun part without the overwhelming high rank stuff.

I have on my desk numerous Monster Hunter t-shirts from Japan (made by Uniqlo ) and a bunch of Dynamic Hunting iPhone4 cases and I’m eager to give them away!

So join us at our TwitchTV channel or at the MH3 US servers!