Major fighting game tournament this weekend in France, stream available for rest of world

Apr 13, 2012
2012 Apr 13
Minish Capcom

If you can live with the time difference, you can spend a good chunk of your weekend viewing the live stream of Stunfest 2012, a notable tournament based in France. Naturally Capcom’s titles are well represented, with tourneys for Super SFIV Arcade Edition, Third Strike Online Edition, Capcom vs SNK 2, Ultimate MvC3, Street Fighter II Turbo and Street Fighter X Tekken.

It all begins… well, today! Because of that aforementioned time difference, the matches began around 3am Friday morning Pacific Time (6am EST). However, that means each day’s final matches will air around 11am PT, which is as good a reason as any to crawl out of bed before noon. It runs Saturday and Sunday as well, with final-finals airing near that 11am PT (2pm ET) window on Sunday.

Check the live stream here , again with the time difference in mind!