Mega Man bio on Smash Bros site, more gameplay footage too

Jun 12, 2013
2013 Jun 12
Minish Capcom

Mere moments after announcing Mega Man’s role in the next Super Smash Bros, the Blue Bomber’s bio went live on the official SSB website. If you were hanging around during the Brawl days, this site was home to all kinds of cool tidbits and reveals, so it’d be a good idea to bookmark this sucker. Today, it’s loaded with new Mega Man screens, plus there’s a video showcasing Mega’s moves.

If you jump to about 4:00, you’ll see Sakurai showing off Mega’s many Robot Master weapons. There’s a lot to chew on, so start formulating your strategies now…

There are also screens, including the above shot of MM in the 3DS’ slightly toon-ish look.

Hit up the Smash site for even more!