Mega Man, meat Cut Man

Aug 19, 2013
2013 Aug 19
Minish Capcom

OK guys. This may be it. I think now that Mega Man (+Cut Man) has been created out of raw meat, he’s officially been crafted with every possible building material in the world. Papercraft? Of course. Legos? Every day. But uncooked gore resting on a chilled supermarket shelf? That’s a new one on me.

But let’s not overlook the craftsmanship! Both are well done (HAW) iterations of the classic characters, and they’ve got me wondering if we’ll see the full MM1 roster at some point. Would they sell them as a set? Could I throw Cut Man’s meat scissors at Elec Man and cook him faster?

Thanks to TMMN for the tip – looks like their site is getting hammered because of this pic!