MH3U Event Quests DLC for 5/14

May 14, 2013
2013 May 14
Yuri Araujo

What’s this? Qurupeco appreciation week?? Well, it should be, according to my books, but that’s another conversation… all you need to know is that this week’s DLC quests are full of feathers, little dances and wonderfully annoying songs!

First up, we’ve got a simply G-Rank Qurupeco in the Sandy Plains. Should be easy, except for that lurking  Savage Deviljho ! ‘nough said

And for comic relief, please enjoy a High-Rank selection of 4 Qurupecoes (2 at a time, being always 1 regular and 1 Crimson Qurupeco). So, what’s so special about this quest? For one, your hunter is actually taller than these Qurupecoes (yes! mini-Qurupecoes!) and you get to create the  Cosmic Mask for both Cha-Cha and Kayamba!

Anyways, best of luck to all of you, and don’t forget to hit up CHUMP’s thread for a recap of previous quests and some pretty pictures =P