MM10 leaderboard update – Commando Man 360

Nov 08, 2013
2013 Nov 08
Minish Capcom

A new week, a new challenge! Xbox 360 players, add Minish Capcom as a friend and start working on Commando Man!

THIS WEEK : Commando Man, Xbox 360 (Minish Capcom)

DEADLINE:  Friday, Nov 15 @ 10:00am Pacific

Each Wednesday I’ll promote the current top time, so you’ll know how close/far you are from winning that week.

We’ll alternate platforms each week, so while you know PS3 is coming up next, you won’t know which stage is the target until noon each Friday. If you win, you are ineligible for further prizes in this contest (gotta spread the love!).

We can only ship to North America.

Please  read the complete rules  (and the  general contest rules ) for further details.

As for last week’s Solar Man PS3 challenge…

An upset! Wednesday it looked like RazorHawk023 was going to take the top spot, but T-0-3_B (aka Skybane Zero ) swept in for the win – AND an overall rank of 4th in the world!

I’ll be asking for your mailing address ASAP – congratulations 🙂