Monster Hunter fan-art: creepy and cute

Jan 03, 2013
2013 Jan 03
Yuri Araujo

It feels rather wrong to mash together a fan-art of a hideous and creepy rendition of a Barroth with a cute little Tigrex playing in the snow… but hopefully that will get you to click the  MORE button below and look for the art style that you like more – or just see more images of both styles.

While hunting some fan-art on DeviantArt, I found  DarkmaneTheWerewolf ‘s collections of  creepy and  chibi monsters from  Monster Hunter . Make sure to take a look at each individual monster, as they are epxressed in very unique ways. I, for one, found the  creepy verion of the cats to be highly disturbing while Nargacuga’s cute eyes in the  chibi version just got to me.

Here are the pieces I used to form the header image:

Creepy Barroth

Chibi Tigrex

And for a more fair comparison, here are two versions of the same monster:

Creepy Deviljho

Chibi Deviljho