Monster Hunter meets Space Jam

Jun 27, 2015
2015 Jun 27
Yuri Araujo

Looking for new hunting AND partying jams for the weekend? Here are six slam dunk tracks mashing up favorite  Monster Hunter battle themes with Quad City DJ’s Space Jam:



Dire Miralis

To One with Life

3rd Gen Fanged Beast battle theme (Black Lute ver.)

Rukodiora (from Japan’s MHFrontier; actually the first time I hear this track)

White Fatalis

If you don’t find this wonderful, please turn in your basketballs now.

As a bonus, here’s a perfect GIF to go with that Brachydios track, by mr-sunabozu :

Have a great weekend!

EDIT: Adding ’em as you make ’em, so keep ’em coming!
White Fatalis remix by DerpyAxolotl added 8/24/15.