Monsters sighted in California

Jul 09, 2013
2013 Jul 09

Awesome fan-made video brings Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’s beastly menagerie to California 

I’m betting many of us would probably kill for a chance to check out Universal Studios Japan’s Monster Hunter: The Real attraction. But since it’s not exactly easy for many of us to bounce on over to Osaka on a whim, how exactly are the rest of us supposed to quench our thirst for MH IRL?! Enter, Christopher Klassen , who’s gone to quite the effort to recalibrate time and space to add our favorite beasties from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate into real world locations throughout California . Care to see what a Ludroth, Great Jaggi and/or a Lagiacrus looks like roaming free in Big Sur, Vernal Falls or Yosemite? Welp, clicking the video below is essentially your ticket to ride.