Play Against Capcom Today!

Jan 09, 2009
2009 Jan 09

We haven’t had a PAC in a while, due to the holidays and everyone being out of the office. But this week it’s the first PAC of ’09 with SSF2THDR on PS3 to kick it off! Our secret SF masters Randy and John D will be handing out butt-kickin’s under the PSN ID: DARQNIS01 . Look for them around 3PM PST.

We’ll also be playing a bit of Lost Planet on Xbox 360 under my gamertag: Snow Infernus . Frank will be playing with you guys for a few matches there. He is the Product Manager for upcoming games; Bionic Commando and Dark Void. Want to distract him from the VS your charging by asking him questions about the secrets of Dark Void, or how freakin’ cool Bionic Commando is? Here’s your chance!

So to refresh, 3PM PST, SSF2THDR on PSN, and Lost Planet on 360. See you online!