Play With Capcom: Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition’s Lost in Nightmares Shirt Winners

Feb 24, 2010
2010 Feb 24

UPDATE: Saje has kindly reminded us about the contest winner from that very post. We randomly selected someone and the winner is Justin ! Congrats! Send me a private message with your address and shirt size!

Last Friday, we put up some information on how you were able to win those exclusive and horrifically cute chibi majini t-shirts : by playing RE5 with us! Specifically, we opened up a time window last Saturday in which you were able to play with us Capcom folk. We had a blast as we played several matches of the all new Mercenaries Reunion and Lost in Nightmares with you folks!

Congrats to those that played with us: a chibi majini shirt is on its way to your house! In fact, it was such a big success, that we’re going to do it again this upcoming weekend! Stay tuned for details on Friday!

Hit the jump to see last weekend’s winners!

Capcom Unity members that played with Brian K (PR) on the PS3:

Dance in the Dark




Capcom Unity members that played withMike L (Marketing) on the PS3 and 360



John Deaton

George Romero (no, not that one)


Capcom Unity members that played with jgonzo (Community) on the 360

Dios X