PSN Update: DMC Avatars, SFxT Avatar Bundle, and World Gone Sour

Apr 11, 2012
2012 Apr 11

In celebration of the release of Devil May Cry HD Collection, three sets of DMC avatars went up last week on the PSN Store. In case you didn’t discover them yet, there are ten for each game (DMC 1-3), at $0.49 a piece. If you’re a PS+ subscriber, you can buy them as sets of ten for $0.99 per set (three sets total, one for each game).Take a look at all of them after the jump.

Additionally, a new PS+ bundle is available for the previously released Street Fighter X Tekken avatars shown off in this post . This bundle contains all 38 avatars for $3.49.

Also, don’t forget that World Gone Sour is out for $4.99 and is a sadistically fun time.