Q&A Session with Ayano

Aug 23, 2013
2013 Aug 23

Recently Ayano-san has been addressing questions from fans in Japan. Some are quirky, others interesting. Continue reading to see what was asked this time around.

Hello everyone, Tomoaki Ayano here!

I finally got to take some days off for summer vacation, so I went back to my hometown. I hadn’t been back there for quite some time. I had fun eating and drinking, but I’m worried that I might have packed on a few extra pounds.

So, to help burn off those extra calories, I’d like to do another Q&A session to answer many of your burning questions! We’ve been talking about the balance update a lot lately, so today I’d like to focus on some other topics.

Q: I’m a big fan of Udon! The alternate costumes you’ve revealed for the four new characters are very RPG-like. Would it be possible to see some more designs?

Yup, the new costumes definitely are RPG-like. As you know, we’ve entrusted the design drafts to Udon, who are very familiar with the SF series. They’ve been given a fair amount of creative freedom and have been using that to come up with some unique, fantastic designs! There are some costumes that will surprise you, and some that you’ll feel are right on the money for the character. Hopefully I can show you more in the coming days.


Q: Any news on when the Ultra SF4 location tests are going down?

Sorry, but we’re still hammering out the details! Please be patient for a little while longer.


Q: Please put Alex in Ultra SF4.

The main SF3 character is pretty popular, huh? With strong regular attacks and throw moves, I bet he’d be quite the force to deal with.


Q: Please make it so that if we mash on the punch buttons during a Siberian Blizzard, a Hadoken will come out randomly!

I gotta admit, just picturing this made me laugh. But since Gief is holding onto the opponent pretty tightly, where exactly would the Hadoken hit…?


Q: Okay, seriously guys—why no Karin?

That’s a good question. If you remember our character popularity poll, she was seventh worldwide and even took the number one spot in Japan! We thought about her, but unfortunately it just didn’t work out this time around.


Q: There are 10 different taunts per character but no real incentive to do them. How about giving them attributes such as increasing your offensive or defensive power, like it was in SF3?

Ah, SF3. I used Q, and he had a pretty good taunt in that game. However, we’re not currently thinking of giving the taunts in SF4 any special properties.


Q: Just wanted to say thank you for making awesome games! Now, my questions—

1. What are the official abbreviations for the Darkstalkers games?

2. If you make a new Darkstalkers game, will it be in 3D? Personally, I wouldn’t mind 2D.

3. Can you include a tutorial in Ultra SF4 like the one in Darkstalkers Resurrection? That was really cool and easy to understand.

4. Could you release some more official info about the characters? Right now we only know their weight. The SF characters have likes and dislikes, etc.

5. I heard that succubi are supposed to be really ugly. Does that include Morrigan?

6. Victor and Emily seem like they’re really brother and sister. Are they?

7. Jedah’s got that move where he cuts off his own head and attacks the opponent with blood…doesn’t he feel pain? It looks like he’s in pain when he gets hit by a Pursuit Attack…

8. Rikuo speaks normally during his win quotes, but during battle he only makes strange noises. Why is that? Is he human?

9. You know what would be neat? A full-body Sasquatch pillow!


That was a truckload of questions! Only way to tackle them is one-by-one…

1. I dunno about official. Personally, I just call them DS1, DS2, DS Resurrection, etc.

2. I’d love to make a new game! …Just gotta sell 5 times more copies of DSR…

3. I’m really glad to hear that the tutorial is well-received! I’d love to make one that covers those really difficult combos.

4. If we made a list of their likes and dislikes, it’d probably include food that’s not part of the human world and other unspeakable things… Perhaps some things are best left unknown.

5. I tried asking Morrigan, but…it didn’t go over so well. I’d advise you not to repeat my mistake!

6. I’d say Emily is his little sister!

7. Well, he is a demon. I’m sure his body is capable of things regular humans aren’t!

8. Ah, that’s the first time I’ve noticed that! (lol)

9. I’ll pass along your sentiment to the people over at the e-Capcom shop!

And that’ll wrap things up for today’s installment. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered yet, be sure to fire it my way and maybe I’ll be able to cover it in the next installment!

That’s all for this week. See you again next week!